Pitch Tips

Round 1 of The Great Canadian Sales Competition will be judged by the Competition Sponsors. Sales Talent Agency, the Founding Sponsor, will not have a hand in deciding who moves on to the Semi-Final round, rather will provide the judges with a set of criteria to ensure that the judging is consistent. The judges will be looking for 3 things: a good value proposition, confidence, and credibility. Please note that the number of votes your Round 1 pitch has does not influence the judges decision. That said, the highest voted videos will be featured on the Competition's main page, helping you get noticed by potential employers. 

To see some examples, you can view some of our Top 5 Finalists' Round 1 pitches from last year here: Sarah Westwood, Evan Romano, and Gabriel Mark. What you'll notice from these pitches is that they are all very different. That said, they all do a great job on the 3 things that judges are looking for.

See below for some tips on how to enhance your pitch: 

  • A good value proposition: In Round 1, you are choosing to pitch something that you are already passionate about. What the judges will be looking for is your ability to convey a strong enough message about that product/idea/ideology/etc. that in turn gets them excited about it. A value proposition in its simplest form is a promise to either a) solve a problem or b) improve a situation. 
  • Confidence: Confidence can be translated through things like body language and tone (sitting up straight, enunciating your words, and showing a bit of personality go a long way).  
  • Credibility: In Round 1, you are considered a subject matter expert on the item that you are talking about. Speaking purely to your own personal preference is not a strong enough argument. That said, bringing in tangible evidence or even metrics to support your opinion help to form a well articulated and persuasive pitch. For instance, if I tell you to submit a pitch for the Competition "because it's the coolest contest ever and it's a lot of fun" you probably wouldn't be convinced. Instead, if I tell you that you should submit a pitch for the Competition "because it's the biggest student competition in Canada, offers over $10,000 in prizes and extends the opportunity to network with 25 senior sales leaders across Canada" you would probably be more enticed to apply. 

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Competition Team at info@greatcanadiansalescompetition.com