Semi Final Round PITCH TIPS



Congratulations! If you are visiting this page you are most likely a Semi-Finalist for the Great Canadian Sales Competition (GCSC). Not only do our Semi-Finalists sharpen their sales skills in the Semi-Final Round, but they also have the the chance to engage with our Partners. In fact, we have seen GCSC alumni receive employment opportunities with our Partners at Air Canada, Bunzl, Shopify, Sysco, Imperial Oil, Manulife, North American Plastics and many more!

In the Semi-Final Round you will have the opportunity act as a sales rep for the company you have been assigned and it is your job to get a prospective client interested in your business. You will be measured on your knowledge of the company, your overall professionalism, your ability to articulate your company's value proposition and your introduction/close.

The Semi-Final Round of the GCSC will be judged by our Competition Partners. Sales Talent Agency, the Founding Partner, will not have a hand in deciding who moves on to the Final Round, rather will provide the judges with a set of criteria to ensure that the judging is consistent.

See below for some tips to enhance your pitch:



The introduction is a very critical component of the pitch as it is your first impression to your prospective client. You will be judged on your ability to open your pitch with clear energy and enthusiasm and your goal is to catch your buyer’s attention.

Value Proposition:

You will be judged on your ability to convey a strong message about your company’s product/service that in turn gets your target audience excited about it. A value proposition in its simplest form is a promise to a) solve a problem or b) improve a situation. You want your pitch convey a solution to a specific business challenge/goal. Think about what kind of return on investment a prospective client could get from working with your company.

Strong Subject Knowledge:

You are considered a subject matter expert on the product/service that you are selling. Speaking purely to your own personal preference is not strong enough. That said, make sure to utilize examples of clients, case studies or metrics to gain credibility to help you form a persuasive pitch. And remember, knowing how to take information and regurgitate it is not the task -- there is a difference between reporting and persuasion.


You will be measured on your ability to present in a business setting -- so make sure that you are appropriately dressed and in a tidy environment. However, keep in mind that your energy and enthusiasm contributed to you being selected for the Semi-Final Round, so when we say professionalism, we still want you to be yourselves.


Lastly, you will be measured on your ability to close your pitch. Consider what you want your audience to do after hearing your pitch. Include a call to action that directs your audience to a clear next step.


To see some examples, you can view some of our past Winner's Semi-Final pitches here: Herbert Bempah (2018), Carter Grant (2017) and Sarah Westwood (2016). What you'll notice from these pitches is that they are all very different. That said, they all do a great job conveying the criteria that the judges are looking for.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Competition Team at