Why is the GCSC important?

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We know that companies across Canada are struggling to hire good sales talent, specifically new grads and early career stage candidates. Through our work with the competition we estimate that 90% of new graduates work for a company that they’ve heard about while in school. While this is not totally surprising, it does put your brand at a disadvantage if you are not getting in front of recent grads before they are on the hunt for their first entry-point into their career. This competition is a critical engine to get students interested in sales, connected with your B2B brand, and give yourself the platform to make critical hires that you need to make for your team’s continued growth.


What exactly is the GCSC?


The Great Canadian Sales Competition is the biggest student competition in Canada; 11,000 entrants have participated since its inception in 2014 with students spanning across 80 colleges and universities. The competition is grown every year by an average of 292% every year and it is just getting started.

  • In the first round, students are asked to show some grit and create a 30-90 second video pitch on anything that they want. Find an example of the entry pitch here.

  • Round two involves the top 25% of participants completing a 1-2 minute video pitch as if they are a sales rep on your team. Find an example of the semi-final round pitch here.

  • The Final Round brings a whole new challenge; our finalists manage a full sales meeting in front of a panel of judges, and have the opportunity to connect 1:1 with sales leaders for coaching and mentorship. Find an example of the Final Round meeting here.

Amid every step of the competition, partners will engage with top talent from the competition, receive prolific branding on campus, regional events and take part in an initiative that has received significant media attention, including the National, BNN, Global TV, Financial Post (just to name a few).

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How do I get value?


As a partner of the Great Canadian Sales Competition you will:

  • Get access to an exclusive database housing all the entrants from the competition (last year had 4,000+) allowing you to proactively reach out to students about job opportunities

  • Have the ability to attend exclusive regional events with the top 25% of contestants where you will meet and engage with pre-screened candidates

  • Receive significant presence on campus from our partnerships with professors, club leaders and guerrilla marketing efforts

  • Get exclusive access to post jobs where students can apply directly to you

  • Connect in-person with the top participating finalists


Who takes part?


Our roster of partners include brand leaders who sell everything from the software we love, food and beverages we consume, plastics we use, e-commerce solutions that make shopping easy, planes we travel in, energy we rely on, insurance we need, recycling services for our planet and everything in between. Most importantly, our partners offer strong mentorship, training and an opportunity for sales rookies to develop a career and love for sales.


When does this take place?


The Great Canadian Sales Competition 2020 will launch in September 2019 and span until late April 2020. We need to have 90% of our sponsors confirmed by the end of June, and they will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Branding begins as soon as you sign on. You in?

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