Congratulations! If you are visiting this page you are most likely a Finalist for the Great Canadian Sales Competition (GCSC) and we couldn't be more excited for you. Not only do our Finalists sharpen their sales skills in the Final Round, but they also have the the chance to engage with our Partners in a unique business setting. In fact, we have seen GCSC alumni receive employment opportunities with our Partners at Shopify, IBM, Reynolds & Reynolds, Vision Critical and many more!


Final Round - part 1

In the Final Round you will be facilitating a live sales meeting in front of a panel of judges. To help you prepare for this sales meeting we will facilitate an introduction between yourself and an expert from your designated sponsor. This individual will coach you beforehand and act as your buyer during your sales meeting. The meeting will be filmed and a total of 10 minutes long. Our 25 Finalists will be equally divided into 5 rooms, each competing against 5 other students.

Final Round - Part 2

Each group of our judges will choose a Top Finalist from their room, resulting in the Top 5 Competitors. All of our judges and coaches will collectively review the Top 5 Competitors filmed 1:1 sales meetings and the winner will be announced at the Winners Gala in the evening.

Judging Criteria

Builds Rapport

Does the competitor build a good relationship with the buyer?

Shows Value

Does the you give a clear and compelling value proposition for the product/service you are selling?


Does the competitor ask intelligent and relevant probing questions to uncover the need?

Objection Handling

Does the competitor sufficiently overcome any questions or concerns from the buyer to keep the sale on-track?


Does the competitor end the meeting with a clearly defined next step?


If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Competition Team at