Liz avrutov

Company: HiMama
Position: Junior Account Executive

Why did you get involved with the GCSC?

I had originally gotten involved with the GCSC because it had been a component of the curriculum in my Professional Selling course. However, being part of this competition turned out to be the best decision I made across my 2-year study period. It was an amazing experience because not only did I get to meet and connect with amazing people, I found a great job as a Business Development Representative with HiMama, one of the competition partners. The job was secured for me before I even graduated, alleviating a lot of stress.

How did the GCSC help you evolve as a professional?

I attended two of the networking events arranged by the GCSC. They sent me a list of the companies that would be in attendance prior to the event, along with brief descriptions of each one. I did research into each of the companies and set my eyes on two of them. Knowing it might be difficult to connect with absolutely everyone, I visualized what conversations with these two companies would look like and what kind of questions I would want to ask. At the second event, I met my match with HiMama. I made an effort to have conversations with each of the four representatives of the company and within a week, I was in an interview. Within two weeks, I received an employment contract, two months before graduating.

What advice do you have for GCSC competitors?

My advice for all students is to treat the Great Canadian Sales Competition as though it is the most important assignment of your school career. This opportunity can literally accelerate you into the next step of your life - searching for a job. This competition will teach you a lot about sales, allow you to meet sales professionals in the workforce, challenge you to think outside the box and potentially find your post-graduation career. Not to mention, the perks of being in the finals and even winning the grand prize! Be yourself in the pitches, come to the networking events, spend at least 30 minutes researching the companies who will be attending and brainstorm questions ahead of time. Finally, take notes on all the amazing people you meet and speeches you will experience in these events!