Margot Ghersin

Company: Vision Critical
Position: Inside Sales Intern

Why did you decide to get involved with the GCSC?

When I was in my first year of university, I heard about the competition over social media. In highschool, I had participated in many public speaking competitions and I thought the GCSC would be a good opportunity to integrate my interpersonal and presentation experience with sales.I wanted to learn more about the world of sales and meet as many industry professionals as I could and ultimately learn from them.


How did the GCSC lead you to your current role?

The GCSC was imperative in my ability to receive an internship for this summer. At the GCSC Gala, I met many inspiring executives and contestants that helped me better understand the world of sales. When I got home that night, I made sure to follow up with every person that I had met, by contacting them through their business cards that I had collected.

After following up with the executives that I had met at the Gala, I managed to secure an interview at Vision Critical as a summer intern. I am currently now working in my summer role and I'm having a wonderful experience in a corporate setting right in the heart of downtown Toronto. My experience in the GCSC was definitely a key starting block for the rest of my entire life career in sales, propelling me to heights.


What advice do you have for GCSC competitors?

Anyone and everyone that is interested in business should definitely participate in the GCSC! There are endless opportunities to learn, and if you put hard work in and take initiative to reach out, the world will be your oyster. All it takes is that first step, to convince yourself to give it a chance. Great people and great opportunities are right around the corner!