Ben Ansari.jpg

Benjamin Ansari

Company: Cisco Canada
Position: Sales Development Intern - Commercial

Why did you get involved with the GCSC?

I always had an interest in sales but the negative stigma around the career had always kept me away from it. I love engaging with people so when I heard about the competition from a friend I was interested to learn more. Originally, my main motivation for getting involved was the $10,000 worth of prizes to be won. I was hesitant to put out a video of my initial pitch but an opportunity at the prize money seemed worthwhile. After posting my video pitch and moving through the competition, it soon became a lot more than just the prize money. The people I was able to meet and the opportunities that came from the competition were significantly more worthwhile then any amount of money.


How did the GCSC help you evolve as a professional?

Competing in the GCSC gives you access to the competition sponsors. It’s something you’ll hear a lot, but it is completely true. The sponsor companies are all looking to give opportunities to the young talent that enters the competition. I was a semi-finalist for Finning, but through the networking events the GCSC hosts, I was able to meet sales leaders from other sponsors as well. These networking opportunities lead me to an internship at Cisco over the summer where I was able to dive deep into the world of technology sales.


What would you say to a student hesitant to enter the GCSC?

What do you have to lose? The GCSC is a free competition to enter, gives you a chance at some incredible prizes and more importantly – gives the chance to build a network. Even if sales is not the career path you want to go down, the skills you will gain from the competition will definitely come in handy no matter where you end up. You’ll gain practice effectively communicating, networking and public speaking. Those are skills you’ll need every single day.