Akshay Gulrajani

Company: Reynolds and Reynolds Canada
Position: Software Implementation Specialist

Why did you get involved in the GCSC?

I was involved in co-curricular activities at Ryerson University and representatives from the GCSC had come to visit our school during one of our executive gatherings. Once I heard what it was all about, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with all of Canada something I was passionate about. My topic of choice for my pitch, men’s fashion, led me to the group of semi-finalists and beyond that my involvement stayed consistent due to a desire to improve my pitching skills and meet as many new people as I could. I had a feeling that the other semifinalists and finalists would be interesting people, with stories and experiences to share. I was never let down throughout the entire competition and I learned plenty about sales and the many companies that require top-notch sales departments to do amazing things.

How did the GCSC lead you to your current role?

The GCSC really opened up a platform to be able to connect with companies that were looking for eager graduates to be part of their teams. In short, it allowed me to find doors that I never thought existed, especially in my field of study as a finance student. One key moment I remember was the finalists Gala we had on the last day of the competition and how many companies I had the chance to chat with. The competition and the exposure gained from all of the events led to conversations with many companies and ultimately to my position with Reynolds and Reynolds Canada. It was a great experience overall with an outcome I couldn’t be happier with.

What advice do you have for GCSC competitors?

My top advice for GCSC competitors both in the competition and out in your everyday life is to just be your natural self. Staying true to myself and being genuine went a long way when it came to leaving a lasting first impression and I found that it also helped me be comfortable in my own shoes. Being natural also helps to identify any mistakes you make throughout the competition and will provide you with a lot more opportunities to learn and improve. At the end of the day take the competition in stride and have fun. Regardless of the outcome, I think you will be surprised with how much more there is to the world of sales than meets the eye.