Aida Mohammad

Company: TouchBistro
Position: Sales Development Intern

Why did you to get involved with the GCSC?

Last year, I read a great book on the drive and self-discipline required to be successful. I have a lot of interest in the topic and the fact that it was written by someone who works in sales got me interested in the field. I figured if that mentality was highly present and required in the field of sales, maybe sales was worth me exploring. A friend of mine thought that a good way to do that would be to get involved in the GCSC. Several months later, I became an ambassador for the competition and had the opportunity to compete as well. It has been an extremely rewarding experience in every aspect and has given me far more than I ever expected.


How did the GCSC lead you to your current role?

Being a part of the GCSC allows you to get connected to their sponsoring companies. Whether it’s through the exclusive job board for entrants, or through networking events organized for semi-finalists to meet the GCSC Partners. I attended as many of the networking events as I could and was able to form a lot of meaningful connections. It led to great opportunities for new business-related relationships, mentorships, interviews, and ultimately this role as a Sales Development Intern with TouchBistro.


What advice do you have for GCSC competitors?

The advice I have for GCSC competitors would be to get a grasp of your weak points and work on them. Also, ignore any fears and/or doubts you may have going into this competition. My fear was that I’d be making a fool of myself by competing against business students and/or students with solid sales experience. I knew that being fearful would simply determine whether or not it would be true. So, I stopped trying so hard to compete with the strengths I assumed other people possessed and just focused on what I needed to do to succeed. I recommend others do the same. Spend some time identifying and understanding your unique strengths and weaknesses. Don’t get so caught up trying to compete in other people’s strengths that you forget to demonstrate your own.