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Influencer Program

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Once located, reach out to them as they'd be happy to help you with your Round 1 Pitch! 

 What is the GCSC Influencer Program?

For the past 5 years, we’ve had a coast-to-coast Ambassador Program encompassed of 150+ students at 80 different college/university campuses. The Ambassador Program was created to help educate students on the unique benefits of sales as a discipline and as a career, and of course, to encourage participation in the GCSC. 

This year the mission remains the same, however, we are introducing a revamped program that is now composed of select GCSC ambassador teams, club partnerships and curriculum partnerships. The goal of this new program, now comprised of 500+ Influencers, is to not only ensure that the GCSC is bringing in entrants to the competition, but ones that are of the highest quality.

Is your institution missing from this list? Connect with our Campus Recruitment Manager, Julia Reiter, to find out more!