Alex bonifacio

Company: Laird Plastics, a brand name of North American Plastics
Position: Sales Intern

Why did you get involved with the GCSC?

I decided to participate in the Great Canadian Sales Competition because I love public speaking. Initially, I wanted to go into theatre, but I realized I was only passionate about being in front of a crowd and not necessarily about being in costume. I also got involved because I wanted to take part in the networking opportunities and learn more about the Canadian companies that were partnered with the GCSC.

How did the GCSC help you evolve as a professional?

The Top Sales Rookie Database on the website is what led me to my sales internship with Laird Plastics, a brand name of North American Plastics. Initially, Laird Plastics was under the impression that I had graduated school and was ready to assume a full time position. Once I had told them that I would be returning to school in the Fall of 2019, they catered to me and set up a paid internship position for me to jump into. As it turns out, I am actually their first intern, so this has been a great learning experience for both myself and Laird Plastics.

What advice do you have for GCSC competitors?

The best advice I would give to GCSC competitors is to always take feedback. I think we often get wrapped up in how awesome we are when we take part in something like the GCSC, and forget that it is only really our opinion. Although it is good to be positive, I encourage everyone to always be open to learning and to reach out to your instructors as they can give you feedback to help you improve. Additionally, it is important to practice, practice, practice!